LeViteZer available

After long wait The LeViteZer anti-roll from is available again at SRCC-Devils and soon at the other shops too.

LeViteZer available

The LeViteZer anti-roll front is available again.

Packing the LeViteZer anti-roll front.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 09.03.18

It will be available at the LeViteZer resellers at the start of next week.

Visualising the driving lines

Experimenting with visualising the driving lines.

What do you think?

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Where is the track?

At the start of the year there was a short time when the Zracers did not have a track. That did not stop the Zracers :-)

But seriously studying possibilities for analysing driving lines, speed etc. from Video. Would some of you have experience on that kind of video-analysis.

Z Racers season 2015 opening

The Z Racers season 2015 was opened last weekend at the new facilities.

Z Racres zoom

Click for Video.