Jul 2016

The LeViteZer CYRP45 gimbal

The LeViteZer CYRP45 gimbal was developed soon after the BlackMagic Micro Cinema Camera was released. The CYRP45 is a working name for the gimbal and it comes of the unusual axis order Camera-Yaw-Roll-Pitch installed on 45 degree angle.

This kind of installation provides unique freedom of movement, especially when installed on a boom. It is easy to reach from ground to unto 3 m just with a single movement of a hand. Also smooth sideway movements are easy to perform. You really need to test it to fully understand it capabilities.

It is tiny and fits places other gimbals don’t. See your self, some first test videos.

The joystick controls gimbal, providing also control for follow and joystick speeds etc. very use full to have good control at slow panning speeds, but easily to go to fast panning speed if needed. The joystick also controls the camera, providing control for aperture, smooth focus, zoom, ISO, WB, SA... everything that the camera supports. The hole system is powered from a single v-lock battery, the boom is extendable.

There has been lot of interest for this gimbal, it even got to
Cinescopophilia, Thanks

Not quite enough though to make a product of it, it remains available as custom build solution for those who need a special gimbal like it is. If you are interested
please contact.