The versatile LeViteZer 360 Gimbal

LeViteZer 360 Pro gimbal is much more than just a gimbal for 360 cameras.

LeViteZer has developed a full camera control over SDI, it currently has been tested with BlackMagic Micro Studio camera and provides control on all available parameters; camera, color correction, lens…

The LeViteZer control application controls both the gimbal and camera. All parameters can be saved and recalled: camera heading, focus, aperture, color correction, etc.

The gimbal control provides full control of speed and acceleration. The gimbal is powerful so it supports fast movements, but also very smooth and low movement speeds and it is very silent.

Also manual controls and joystick are supported. The control works over Ethernet, the Control application runs on Mac, Windows, Linux and Android.

The LeVIteZer Gimbal 360 Pro gimbal will be available by the end of November, first unit of the camera control add-on by the end of the year. More about them soon.