RoboBus sensor tests

LeViteZer is passionate about pushing the technological limits to provide solutions for film industry, virtual reality and people flow. LeViteZer provides consultancy, camera stabilisation systems and well integrated cutting edge sensor solutions.

Advanced sensor technologies are coming affordable making it possible to use them on completely new application areas. SOHJOA project provides excellent possibility for LeViteZer to test people flow sensors.

The obstacles on the road to fully autonomous vehicles on public traffic are not only technological. I am happy to see how SOHJOA project rise the public awareness of such systems on a very positive way and it is great to be part of that.

LeViteZer seeks partners on data analysis.

RoboBus ride

LeViteZer tested some people flow sensor on autonomous bus that is now on Finland thanks to the SOHJOA 6Aika-project


It was also a good change to test the LeViteZer 360 gimbal together with Mediarinki. (the in bus video is without gimbal)

Haukilahti 2016

Testing hoverboard with LeViteZer CYRP45 gimbal. This was firs time using the hover board outside, I was a bit afraid that uneven ground would cause problems, but it was pretty ok.

All shots “handheld” with the LeViteZer CYRP45 gimbal on hoverboard except the two last ones, they are just handheld with the LeViteZer CYRP45 gimbal :)

No image stabilisation added on post processing. Zooming was done with the gimbal system. this is with Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera and Olympus 12-50 Electrical Zoom lens.