Some videos with the tuned gimbal

Nothing that exciting, just couple of videos showing the tuned gimbal performance.

The first one something that just happened and there was no time to setup the gimbal, just use it as it was. This is two moose at our back yard. It is taken with GH4 + EF SpeedBooster + 105mm at 4K and cropped when editing, effectively 200 + mm lens. This is taken handheld and walking. The follow settings where not ideal for this shot, it would have been better to use joystick. The sound has been replaced with FCP forest sound, no post stabilisation and lens IS was not used.

The second video is showing what paints are available and how to use them for painting RC cars. The in camera microphone was used on this. There was some surrounding noise and the in camera microphone picked up some gimbal noise, but not too bad. Some FCP noise reduction has been used.