LeViteZer X8 maiden flight

LeViteZer X8 is a powerful foldable X8 for easy transport. The one on this video is with T-Motor U5 motors and 16" propellers, a 6S setup. If you are interested of this frame contact, also custom sizes are possible.

Rainproof gimbal

There is many custom made LeViteZer gimbals, this is one of them a very compact gimbal for GH4. It gives free access to all camera controls, battery and memory card, it is very solid, durable and works well and auto tunes perfectly. Absolutely my favourite gimbal for a city trip, it is easy to carry around and immediately ready to work.

LeViteZer Small GH4 gimbal small

It is designed for small lenses to keep it compact, but as shown on the above image, it can handle also big lenses when tilted back or in briefcase mode. It works well on all positions giving free view to the viewfinder if needed and makes it possible even to use the LVF, very useful on bright daylight.

The joystick is made of best available parts giving very smooth control and via the buttons it is possible to control follow and joystick speed, mode, calibration etc. everything necessary can be controlled and it also indicates the battery level. The battery is easily available Sony NP-F750 type battery.

And did I mention it is rainproof, well wet snow proof also ;)


This happened when making this video.

Here is some more videos made with this gimbal

Stockholm round trip
A day in Helsinki
Helsinki international boat show 2015

If you are interested of this gimbal or need a gimbal that fits your specific needs please
contact me .