Testing gimbal on ATV

Having some fun and testing the LeViteZer encoder gimbal with GB90 motors on ATV. This gimbal has plenty of power to handle big cameras and it is strong enough to take this kind of punishment. For this video a relatively small camera system was used, GH4 with SpeedBooster and Canon EF 8-15 mm fisheye at 15 mm and 4K, so effectively about 24 mm fisheye.

The installation is super simple, the handheld gimbal handle is tilted 90 degrees back and attached with pipe insulation foam and tape for vibration dampening. It is not perfect and some improvements are needed, to add some suspension for the gimbal. See on the video how the handles shake.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 09.30.36

On the video it is also clearly visible how lateral accelerations move the gimbal (mostly roll). This is a problem on multicopter and could be also a problem on this kind of use, but for this video I think it feels natural. On these tests the gyro trust was 100, adjusting it should reduce this effect. Some experimenting to be done.

The follow adjustments could have been somewhat tighter and/or the video could have been cropped not to show the handles, but this is testing and they where left on the video on purpose, to show how the installation is shaking. That is the gimbal handle shaking, so the gimbal handles all those shakes.