LeViteZer waterproof gimbal

I have build my multicopters rain proof at least for long time, Dex was my first waterproof multicopter. Now it has a LeViteZer waterproof gimbal for GoPro. This gimbal is using Basecam encoder software and I am pretty impressed by it.

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 14.29.20

During the 3 test flights, about 10 minutes each, all footage was technically usable; no vibrations, no jello, and even horizon levelling quite good. The video is taken with GoPro Hero 3 black at 1080P, 60 fps, Protune, Narrow. I usually use 2.7K video, but wanted to use the Narrow lens setting for this video. Clearly the camera is now the limiting factor.

Music: “Already There (No Vocals)” (by Josh Woodward)

Ps. Though this gimbal and platform is Waterproof, landing to water, especially seawater is not advisable. The motor bearings would not like that. Some more interesting footage to follow.

A day in Helsinki

We spend a nice day in Helsinki and I had the light weight LeViteZer gimbal for GH4 with me.

Aeria behind the scenes by LeViteZer

Aeria was making an aerial video and I was visiting the site they where flying at and took some behind the scenes shots.