SBUS controller for BMD Micro Cameras - available now

The Blackmagic Micro Cameras have Expansion port that provides SBUS interface to control all important camera parameters.

BMMCC Controller

The LeViteZer SBUS controller for Blackmagic Micro cameras controls all of these functionalities. On the below picture installed on LeViteZer prototype rig for BMD Micro Cameras.

BMMCC rig3 web

A video demonstrating the functionalities. The WB, ZOOM, SA and ISO settings can be configured for any of the up/down switches, the Focus, f-stop and Audio level can be configured for any of the proportional controls.

This is build on order. Delivery time 2 to 3 weeks. Price 300 euros VAT 0% on the shown configuration. Cable length customer selectable up to 1 meter. 1/4” camera threat for attachment additional 30 euros. D-tap power input for the camera additional 50 euros.

To order one or if you have any questions or specific requirements, please contact