LeViteZer 360 Pro with fluid head control

The first units of LeViteZer 360 Pro will be soon available, this is one way to use it.

Axis security cameras on LeViteZer 360 Pro Gimbal

LeViteZer has been working now for some time with Axis cameras, not only as related to gimbals, but the image analysis etc. also. On this setup we have a long range zoom camera and a thermal camera on the same gimbal.

Axis cameras

The cameras are powered from the gimbal battery and connected to weather protected WLAN router between the cameras. For this test the gimbal was controlled with the joystick, but it could have been controlled as well over the Ethernet, as on this pan tilth head

We did some experimenting also with the camera control, the Axis cameras provide well documented interfaces. For time being this was testing the concept and we did not yet build a complete application controlling the cameras and gimbals and combining the video from the two cameras. On the below video the thermal and normal videos are combined on editing phase, but it could be well do ne on real time application.

I think this kind of system could have many uses on moving surveillance platforms, pole installations etc. It is not just very accurate and smooth pan tilt head, but fully stabilised powerful 3 axis gimbal.

If you find this interesting and have ideas how to use this kind of system, how to develop it further or integrate with your software solutions, moving platform etc. please contact me, kim.janson@levitezer.com

Big thanks for Axis Communications for loaning the cameras.