LeViteZer 360 Pro - available for orders

We will have a small number of LeViteZer 360 Pro gimbals available at end of May. Taking orders now.

To order contact me: kim.janson@levitezer.com

The LeViteZer 360 Pro is 2750 Euro, Adapter for Zcam S Pro 90 euro + shipping using DHL (around 2 days delivery) 100 euro. (VAT 0% )

The gimbal comes with a power cable that has D-Tab connector. V-loc batteries are recommended. Battery is not included.

Here is the bag it comes in and one Zcam S1 Pro installation. It is possible to instal also with the Zcam battery, but recommended to use external power.

LeViteZer 360 Pro

It works great about with any 360 video camera, we can provide adapters also for Nokia OZO, GoPro Odyssey, Insta 360 Pro etc. and also custom installations like the 3 x BMMSC installation below.
360 gimbals