LeViteZer CYRP45

The LeViteZer CYRP45 was developed several years ago. It is very special and capable gimbal, unique, one of the kind. It is not a generic purpose gimbal, but can do things other gimbals can not.

Here is more about it

And some videos taken with it:

- demonstrating the extractable boom and how the gimbal can be moved https://vimeo.com/176605353
- demonstrating the gimbal and camera control https://vimeo.com/201530285/d9d9341eec
- the video you provably have seen https://vimeo.com/170268690
- CYRP45 + Hover-board https://vimeo.com/185535250
- an other video made with it https://vimeo.com/173245816
- up to 1:30 with the CYRP45 https://vimeo.com/183059363
- weird selfie ;) https://vimeo.com/184548552
- This video in between 0:17 and 1:13 is with the CYRP45 early prototype https://vimeo.com/146566074

It is specially designed for BMD Micro cameras and small native MFT lenses. This is to keep is small and easy to handle even with one hand. The boom on the prototype is quite short, but long enough to go to ground level, operator standing straight and easy to lift the camera smoothly up to 3 m.

If we make it a product we will make it possible to attach longer booms. The current extractable boom is very nice when traveling and operating with one hand.

It is a fully integrated system, everything powered from a single V-Loc battery and everything controlled from the joystick as shown above.

We have few potential customer. When having 10 customers that would be willing to deposit 500 euro when ordering and total price 3500 euro VAT 0%, including gimbal, boom, joystick and battery adapter, but not battery or camera, we will make a small series of it.

To contact me: kim.janson@levitezer.com