Some update

The end of the 2017 has been very busy for LeViteZer due couple of custom projects. At start of the 2018 we will focus again to the LeViteZer 360 Pro gimbal making it widely available and providing the LeVIteZer Control software to use it as a very advanced pan/tilt head. There is many waiting for it to be available, than you for your patience.

I Wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018

The versatile LeViteZer 360 Gimbal

LeViteZer 360 Pro gimbal is much more than just a gimbal for 360 cameras.

LeViteZer has developed a full camera control over SDI, it currently has been tested with BlackMagic Micro Studio camera and provides control on all available parameters; camera, color correction, lens…

The LeViteZer control application controls both the gimbal and camera. All parameters can be saved and recalled: camera heading, focus, aperture, color correction, etc.

The gimbal control provides full control of speed and acceleration. The gimbal is powerful so it supports fast movements, but also very smooth and low movement speeds and it is very silent.

Also manual controls and joystick are supported. The control works over Ethernet, the Control application runs on Mac, Windows, Linux and Android.

The LeVIteZer Gimbal 360 Pro gimbal will be available by the end of November, first unit of the camera control add-on by the end of the year. More about them soon.

UltraPanorama reviews LeVIteZer 360 Pro gimbal

UltraPanorama is the first tester of LeViteZer 360 Pro gimbal. They tested final prototype. Here is a review by them.


LeViteZer 360 Pro with fluid head control

The first units of LeViteZer 360 Pro will be soon available, this is one way to use it.

Axis security cameras on LeViteZer 360 Pro Gimbal

LeViteZer has been working now for some time with Axis cameras, not only as related to gimbals, but the image analysis etc. also. On this setup we have a long range zoom camera and a thermal camera on the same gimbal.

Axis cameras

The cameras are powered from the gimbal battery and connected to weather protected WLAN router between the cameras. For this test the gimbal was controlled with the joystick, but it could have been controlled as well over the Ethernet, as on this pan tilth head

We did some experimenting also with the camera control, the Axis cameras provide well documented interfaces. For time being this was testing the concept and we did not yet build a complete application controlling the cameras and gimbals and combining the video from the two cameras. On the below video the thermal and normal videos are combined on editing phase, but it could be well do ne on real time application.

I think this kind of system could have many uses on moving surveillance platforms, pole installations etc. It is not just very accurate and smooth pan tilt head, but fully stabilised powerful 3 axis gimbal.

If you find this interesting and have ideas how to use this kind of system, how to develop it further or integrate with your software solutions, moving platform etc. please contact me,

Big thanks for Axis Communications for loaning the cameras.

LeViteZer Pan Tilt Head

The LeViteZer Pan Tilt head is actually fully working 2 axis gimbal, so it stabilizes boom shakes etc. under this kind of movements.

On this video the LeViteZer Pan Tilt Head is controlled with computer over Ethernet. The same interface provides control also for BlackMagic Micro Cameras using SBUS or SDI interface.

The LeViteZer Pan Tilt Head is now replaced by the LeViteZer 360 Pro that provides full 3 axis stabilisation as shown on the blog post below.

Also normal RC controllers are supported and the LeViteZer 360 Pro gimbal has an optional joystick that provides control also for the Micro Cameras.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 14.44.29

LeViteZer 360 Pro gimbal

The LeViteZer 360 Pro is for big 360 video cameras. Well suited also for 180, 250, 3D and normal cameras. It will be available for testers August 2017, inquiries

LeViteZer 360 Pro Gimabl with Nokia OZO - available for testers from Kim Janson on Vimeo.

Testing with two security camera setup

Ps. LeViteZer 360 Gimbals at 360Rumors.


Interview with 360 compact gimbal

LeViteZer is located at Nokia Quja Startup Space, Interview of some of the resent LeViteZer activities. Great to be at Nokia Quja.

LeViteZer at Nokia Instagram

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 9.07.12

LeViteZer 360 Compact Gimbal

LeViteZer 360 Compact Gimbal is for small 360 cameras. It is now available for selected testers, inquiries

Video made with first prototype at NAB2017

Big thanks for Mike Dopsa for making these videos, more about Mikes work at

The first units are soon out for testers.

Parfocal Zooming

There is not many good and reasonably priced electrical zoom lenses, so why not use a servo.

It is not a perfect solution. Servos are designed to move fast to given position, more smooth operation would be preferable for zooming. Also servos can be a bit noisy. I guess there is a reason the video lenses with electrical zoom are expensive, really expensive. They are also parfocal, i.e. they keep the focus while zooming.

Testing with Canon EF 24-105mm f4. it is not parfocal by design, there is quite a lot focus shift on range 24 - 60 mm, but why not correct it electrically. Notice how the focus moves when zoomed. it is correcting the focus.

Well it does not quite make the Canon EF 24-105mm f4 equal to some 20 000 euro + video lenses, but I am pretty happy with he result. Absolutely makes it much more usable for video work and especially useful for gimbal work.

Note: The controller on these videos has a special modification, pressure sensitive elements for zoom control. More information about the basic version of the controller below.